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Turbo Ventilators

Creative wind ventilator has introduced and promoted wind ventilation as a ‘New Concept’ in India with the twin objectives of power conservation in places where power is available: and ventilation in places where power is not available.Creative Building Systems has engineered Wind Ventilators . Once installed, wind ventilators get rid of recurring electricity charges associated with conventional systems providing round-the-clock ventilation, are maintenance-free, and eliminate chances of electrical short circuits. They also save on labor required to operate conventional systems..


S.No. Description
2Ventilator Size24"
3Ventilator Height400MM
4MOC of VanesAluminium 0.45 mm
5MOC of Top PlateAluminium 1.0 MM
6MOC of Bottom RingFRP
7Weight of Ventilator6.5 Kg
8Center Width of Ventilator750 MM
9Dia of Bottom Ring24"
10Nos of Vanes42
11Thickness of Vanes0.45
12Nos of Bearing2 Nos.
13Bearing TypeSKF make ZZ 6001
14RivetsAl-magnisium Alloy
16Shaft & Connecting RodSS
17Bolts & NutsGalvanised steel
20Discharge capecity @6MPH 95000Cft/Hr